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Assembly line for the production of light gauge steel frame modular housing

André Luiz Vivan; José Carlos Paliari

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Abstract: : For manufactured homes, the Light Gauge Steel Frame system does not have an in-depth study on the relationship of its assembly techniques and the behavior of the production system based on assembly lines. Thus, this article presents the development of a flow shop production system using assembly lines for the production of Light Gauge Steel Frame modular houses. The main result was that the system was able to deliver a house in a little more than eight working hours, using four-hour cycles. For this, the article made use of experimental research procedure with the use of computational simulation. The abstracted model of the designed system was simulated, and its behavior analyzed concerning the hypothesis of improvement proposed in four different scenarios. The results can be considered relevant because it fills gaps in the body of knowledge in question with the use of the Light Gauge Steel Frame as a technology for the production of manufactured houses from assembly lines, also providing parameters of performance and design for the implementation of the proposed solution in the real estate market.


Modular construction, Assembly line, Light gauge steel frame, Simulation, Performance evaluation


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