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Thematic Section: Digital Transformation, Intelligent Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management 4.0

Information security in healthcare supply chains: an analysis of critical information protection practices

Tiago Murer Furlanetto; Edimara Mezzomo Luciano; Odirlei Antonio Magnagnagno; Rafael Mendes Lübeck

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Abstract: Because of their vital role and the need to protect the patient information, interest in information security in Healthcare Supply Chains (HSCs) is growing. This study analyzes how decisions related to information security practices in HSCs contribute to protecting patient information. Eleven semi-structured interviews were performed. The interviewees were managers from Brazilian HSC organizations. Four dimensions and 14 variables identified in a literature review were used to perform categorical content analysis. The findings suggest organizations, while aware of their critical information and internal processes, lack the necessary metrics to measure the impacts of possible failures. It seems organizations tend to invest in standard security measures, while apparently ignoring the specificity and complexity of information in HSCs.


Supply chain management, Healthcare supply chain, Information security, Information security investments, Healthcare supply chain information


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