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Exploring knowledge management within teams from a social capital perspective: a literature review

Rosangela Fritscher Santos 1 Gabriela Bragagnolo 2 Mirian Oliveira 3 Marcírio Silveira Chaves 4

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We live in an economy based on knowledge where the socialization that takes place through relation networks is the key in the construction of this knowledge. The aim of this research is to explore the state of the art of Knowledge Management in teams inside organizations and in conjunction with the theory of Social Capital. To achieve the proposed aim, a systematic review of literature, using thirty three articles – thirty with empirical research and three theoretical articles – was carried out. The academic contribution is the understanding of the operation of Social Capital and Knowledge Management in teams that make use of agile methods in carrying out work. The technical contributions for team and project managers are presented through consolidation of factors that were identified or supported by the research as influencing performance, learning, and improvement of processes, among others.


Social capital; Knowledge management; Agile methods; Teams
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