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Interfaces and changes in the institutionalization process of special coffee in Brazil

Jorge Luis Sanchez Arevalo 1 João Luiz Passador 2

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This study analyzes the importance of the geographical indication (GI) process and other efforts in favor of the institutionalization process of special coffee in Brazil. The study is justified by the fact that Brazil is a world reference in coffee production and in what refers to the special coffee production, the market is promising. The term special coffee has a connotation of a segment type where the quality and experience are privileged, this consumption being differentiated. The Northwest of Minas (MG), Alta Mogiana (SP) and Matas de Minas (MG) regions were chosen for the analysis, which are the most representative in the national scenario. The results show a positive advance in favor of the institutionalization process, in which the main agents involved play an important role, namely, the government, entrepreneurs and producers.


Special coffee; Geographical indication; Organizational field
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