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Change management practices to support the implementation of lean production systems: a survey of the scientific literature

Isadora Avelar Ferreira 1 Fernando Oliveira de Araujo 2 Márcia Elisa Soares Echeveste 4

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The transition from mass production system to lean production system carrier significant changes in operational strategies of industrial organizations. A production model system can engender different reactions by the people involved; some of them can show resistance during the process, ranging from unreserved support to a hidden resistance (even explicit). In order to identify the main practices to support change processes, this study provides a literature review to systematize the main researches related to change management during lean manufacturing implementation. This study aims to provide a systematic literature review covering main researches related to change management and lean manufacturing implementation to identify the main factors that affect the production system change. The research was carried out between October 2016 and January 2018. In methodological terms, literature review was developed by using Scopus and ISI web of Science publications. As a result of this study, 25 papers related to lean manufacturing implementation were identified and 10 factors were consolidated. The most relevant practices of change management were also identified to support lean production system implementation.


 Lean manufacturing; Change management; Contributing factors of lean manufacturing systems implementation
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