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Application of product development tools in equipment design for a technology-based small business

Felipe Mello Pierobom 1 Jairo José de Oliveira Andrade 2

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The main objective of this paper is to use the techniques and methods of Product Process Development in the equipment development for a technology-based small business. Conceptual design concepts were generated and through the use of a morphological matrix the options of confection of the final conceptual prototype were verified. With the definition of the previous steps, the project team cataloged the main requirements and functions of the equipment and compared and evaluated them with a reference concept already used in the external environment of the company, verifying their priorities through the Mudge Method. Subsequently, the study of the needs of improvements in the main functions was done creating a final functional prototype for use in the work environment. The application of these techniques allowed quantifying the productivity of the product manufactured by equipment, comparing the situation before and after the process with the new equipment. In addition it was verified that when the process is carried out by the equipment developed there is a productivity improvement since this allowed to reduce the amount of losses; decrease production variability over time, since there is no operator wear and more results standardization.


Product engineering; Product planning and development; Conceptual design
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