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 Framework built on resource based view for outsourcing strategy on hiring logistics service provider

Oliveira Neto, Geraldo Cardoso de; Godinho Filho, Moacir; Gonçalves, Marilson Alves; Costa, Benny Kramer; Silva, Dirceu da; Amorim, Marlene Paula Castro

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The process of Outsourcing Logistics Service (OLS) is deemed incipient in the management of
organizations, not only because of the operational problems it presents, but also of its difficulties fitting into the
company’s overall strategy. The present theoretical study, building on the resource-based view of the firm, aims to
propose a framework that guides managers in developing strategies to OLS starting from the operational structure
to establish the necessary resources, capabilities, and routines. In addition, taken into account is the importance of
analyzing risks and resilience in the environment, concomitantly with the analysis of the operational structure. Thus,
four questions were developed, aimed at leading operations managers to reflect on the development of the strategy.
The framework proposed for OLS considers the supply chain management department as the main interlocutor
of the strategy. This framework can be adapted according with the necessity of the contracting company, and its
main intention is to enable the establishment of a project that contemplates the necessary resources, the capabilities
(criteria), and the operational routines (subcriteria) for the selection of a logistics service provider in the market, one
which truly addresses the needs of the organization. This framework is already intrinsic in the practical actions of
the authors, because of their extensive advisory activity over the last five years in OLS to logistics service provider.
In addition, it is worth mentioning that so far in the tacit applications of this framework there has been no application
similar to another.


Outsourcing Logistic Services; Resource-based view; Performance indicators; Logistics service provider

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