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Operations strategy and analysis of competitive criteria: a case study of a food business

Sabrina Lohmann, Daniel Pacheco Lacerda, Luís Felipe Riehs Camargo, Aline Dresch

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 This study proposes an alternative way to access customer priority information on competitive criteria that a food industry company needs to take into account. Based on this approach, it is possible to identify a consistent set of information that assists in the decision-making process at an operational strategy level, such as investments in dedicated or shared production lines, quality programs, and cost reduction. This study is a single embedded case study. Data were collected through interviews with ten customers of each business unit (BU). Descriptive statistics of the results were performed to analyze data: mean central tendency, standard deviation, and coefficient of variation. The Fleiss Kappa Index was then used to analyze the agreement between respondents’ answers. Finally, a new statistical analysis was performed. This analysis was weighted considering the representativeness of each customer in the company’s billing. The results show that there are differences among competitive priorities of each BU. In addition, the proportionality of participation of each BU in the company influences the order of preference of competitive criteria


 Operations strategy; Competitive criteria; Customer vision; Fleiss Kappa Index.
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