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The effects of organizational learning and innovativeness on organizational performance in the service provision sector

Nathalia Berger Werlang, Carlos Ricardo Rossetto

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The objective of this study is to analyze the relationships between learning orientation, organizational innovativeness, and organizational performance in hotels and lodging establishments in Santa Catarina, Brazil. The methodological procedures employed to achieve this objective are grounded in the survey method and the study is of a descriptive nature. Structural equations modeling techniques were used to assess relationships between constructs and the final sample comprised 162 managers of hotels and lodging establishments in Santa Catarina. The main findings are as follows: (1) learning orientation has a positive and direct influence on organizational innovativeness; (2) organizational innovativeness does not significantly affect organizational performance; and (3) learning orientation does not have a positive relationship with organizational performance. It is therefore concluded that management of hotels and lodging establishments should take a proactive approach to their human resources, to raise employee awareness about actions that improve organizational learning and innovativeness, so they can have a positive impact on organizational performance.


Learning orientation; Organizational innovativeness; Organizational performance; Hotels and lodging establishments.
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